Oil and Gas Engineering – Reasons Why It's Still an Excellent Choice

Last Updated: Friday, 17 May 2019 (15:55 IST)
Without a second doubt, engineering is among the most lucrative and fulfilling career options. It is a traditional field of study and has existed since the ages and helped humans to improve their lives. The world we live in today operates on engineering marvels. Engineering has numerous sub-branches that work together to improve the quality of life.

and is one such field that has immense scope remains as an excellent career choice because of its unprecedented advantages. Students who pursue in oil and gas engineering or B Tech in Computer Science with specialisation in Oil and Gas Informatics can work across different roles in this sector. It remains as an excellent choice for students who want to work in one of the core sectors of the economy.

Before we give you reasons why choosing is still an excellent choice, let’s first know about this branch of engineering.

A Brief Overview of Oil and Gas Engineering
As a broad field, oil and gas engineering introduces and prepares students across the entire value chain of oil and gas. It includes the exploration, refining, research, development, production engineering, reservoir engineering, the operation of oil reservoirs and supply chain. Primarily, oil and gas engineering deals with everything oil, petroleum, natural gas and so on. However, today there are some specialisations such as B Tech in Computer Science with Oil and Gas informatics.

Furthermore, Oil and Gas informatics specialisation imparts information technology skills in the oil and gas field. It includes application development, database, networks, security, business intelligence, data warehousing and open standards. This specialization is quickly gaining traction and is in a huge demand. Organizations operating in this sector look for professionals with these specific skills to skyrocket their business.  

Reasons Why Oil and Gas Engineering is Still an Excellent Choice
  1. Career Growth
Whether you pursue B Tech oil and gas engineering or B Tech Computer Science with specialisation in Oil and Gas Informatics – the career growth is immense. Since oil and gas together form one of the core industries of the economy – the opportunities are many.
Top oil and gas companies recruit engineers on a regular basis. The change in the energy consumption patterns is skyrocketing the need for engineers who are well-versed in the engineering sector.
  1. Unlimited Opportunities
The opportunities for a career in oil and gas sector are endless. Engineering graduates are not limited by process in this sector and can work across numerous processes in the industry. Furthermore, pursuing a course like B Tech in Computer Science with specialisation in Oil and Gas informatics or even B Tech in Oil and Gas engineering with same specialisation offer students endless opportunities to take their career in any direction they want.

Students with an oil and gas engineering degree can work a desk job or a field job. They can work on supply chain management, database, networks, business intelligence, application development, and data warehousing. They can also work in traditional processes such as oil and gas refining, exploration, extraction and others.

The career paths are many such as energy engineer, petroleum engineer, mining engineer, engineering geologist, systems engineer, geoscientist and many more.
  1. A Global Career
Oil and gas engineering allows engineers to travel and work across the world. Most oil and gas engineering roles involving traditional process are based out of remote areas, especially away from cities.

However, other processes involving oil and gas informatics allow engineers to work a desk job across the world. There are many travelling opportunities and even a chance to settle abroad. It is one field that offers a maximum number of locations for engineers to work. So, if you wish to work overseas, oil and gas engineering is an excellent choice.
  1. Pay is Excellent
Oil and gas engineers get paid way beyond other engineering branches. Oil and gas sector is among the highest paid sectors because it is the core of the economy and deals with work that is critical in nature. There are opportunities in both the private and public sector – both pay well in terms of remuneration and job satisfaction. As an oil and gas engineer, one is sure to get a good salary and bonuses.
  1. Learning That Goes Beyond the Books  
The oil and gas sector is among the most practical engineering fields that offer learning opportunities through the career. Firstly, oil and gas engineering uses the latest in engineering to provide top results. Engineers will learn new methods and processes to bring out the results in the most efficient manner. Secondly, with new procedures introduced now and then, oil and gas engineers learn beyond their books and get chances to adapt and improvise throughout their career.

Oil and gas engineering makes up for an excellent choice in the 21st century and is a highly sought-after engineering discipline. Across all career parameters, oil and gas engineering provides excellent output and is highly recommended.

Universities like UPES offer oil and gas engineering with specialisation in oil and gas informatics. Students can also pursue B Tech in Computer Science with specialisation in oil and gas informatics if they wish to pursue a career on the tech side. Also, UPES is QS 5 Stars rated for employability and offers excellent start to a professional career.