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8 things that your Hridaya Rekha tells about you

Last Modified Tuesday, 11 July 2017 (18:52 IST)
Lines on the palm are not just lines, they also tell a lot about you. The most important of them all is Heart Line or Hridaya Rekha!

Know what your tells about you :

1) If your Hridaya Rekha is channelizing itself to the Budh Khethra of your palm, then maybe a new little person is going to come in your life.
2) If your Hridaya Rekha falls short or breaks up before reaching other end then this indicates that your love life is going to be full of failures.
3) But if an another branch breaks from the Hridaya Rekha and goes all the way to Shukra, then this means a lot of success!
4) And if a branch breaks from the Hridaya Rekha and goes all the way to Guru Parvata, then this means that you are religious, educated and a lover by nature!
5) If your Hridaya Rekha goes through between Shani and Guru Parvata, then it makes you an affectionate person!
6) If your Hridaya Rekha is clear and deep then you are a sensitive person!
7) If your Hridaya Rekha resembles a chain, then it makes you a shrewd person.
8) If your Hridaya Rekha goes all the way to the root of your middle finger, then you are selfish and infidel!
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