How is your day: 19th November

Last Modified Thursday, 19 November 2020 (10:29 IST)
Aries: Schedule important meetings or discussions today. It will prove lucky and results will be excellent. Things are about to become more interesting. Try not to be opinionated. Flow with the tied, you make amends in love.
Taurus: New ventures take time, patience and a determined spirit. Money inflow improves and you are more confident. You find yourself dealing with situations never imagined before - Be innovative, you will be successful.
Gemini:  Keep your plans and decisions to yourself. Discretion works wonders. Health improves for most. A advisor will play a vital role in your growth today. Be good and listen with honor. Travel is sudden.

Cancer:  You may not feel comfortable with certain new folk at work. It is a matter of time. Be prudent and patient. Health needs care, Alternative medicinal help will relieve you of all your ailments. Set yourself free.
Leo:  There's nothing to stop you branching out in a new direction at work. Rejoice at the new beginnings. Enjoy! Speak with your seniors/associates who may help review your role. Be true to yourself.
Virgo: Distracted due to trouble at home, its important for you to refocus your energies and bring yourself back on track. Don't give up on love even though there are minor tiffs; take a realistic view.
Libra: Your enthusiasm is half-baked without a support of a plan. Don't feel shy to approach people you know can help you get to your goals today. Health improves.
Scorpio: Property deals settle in your favor and you are more than happy to clinch this desirable deal as you are now enjoying spending power over what you need.
Sagittarius: Resenting other people and their finances are sure shot way to remain stagnant. If you feel you have worked this issue out, look again. An old romance returns and now you need to decide what's best for both of you.
Capricorn: A dream to study further to enhance your gift is in front of you. All you need is to focus your energies in the right direction and march ahead. Competition is not a new issue for you at work and you handle it rather well.
Aquarius: In the midst of all the chaos you face in your personal life, your career takes off unexpectedly, and you are happy at the universe's way of compensation.
Pisces:  If single, today is a good day to make new friends and make friendship a happy premise for a blossoming new romance. Work is smooth. Money you owe others needs to be top on your list of priorities.

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