How is your day: 22nd November

Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 November 2019 (08:15 IST)
Money comes and goes. The prudence lies in investing it in stocks and shares as it will prove lucky today. Those in the media travel overseas at short notice this evening.   
Make hay while the sun shines. Go ahead with confidence and wisdom. If employed you consider cultivating a hobby and making it a commercial success. All the best.

Goof ups from your side have become more of a bad habit you need to rectify to achieve your goals. Being flaky and frisky puts you back to square one. Make a plan and implement it.

Need to prep yourself for some hard work today? Get organized as loads will be expected of you. Irritation and short temper indicated. Be practical when it comes to dealing with people.

Schedule important meetings or discussions today. It will prove lucky and results will be excellent. Things are about to become more interesting. Try not to be opinionated. Flow with the tied, you make amends in love.

New ventures take time, patience and a determined spirit. Money inflow improves and you are more confident. You find yourself dealing with situations never imagined before - Be innovative, you will be successful.

Libra : Keep your plans and decisions to yourself. Discretion works wonders. Health improves for most. A mentor/advisor will play a vital role in your growth today. Travel is sudden, yet fruitful and happy.

Scorpio : You may not feel comfortable with certain new folk at work. It is a matter of time. Be prudent and patient. Health needs care, Alternative medicinal help will relieve you of all your ailments. Set yourself free.

There's nothing to stop you branching out in a new direction at work. Rejoice at the new beginnings. Enjoy! Speak with your seniors/associates who may help review your role. Get ready for change. 

Capricorn : Hope is good but sensible action and perfect timing needs to be looked at when seeking what you so desire. Saving money is important. Plan wise investments. 

Aquarius : Charity begins at home. Maybe there is somebody in your family that needs your undivided attention today. Give it your best shot. What are you waiting for? Leap ahead.

Pisces :Getting choosy about what you take at work is indicated. Follow your interests. Let money be the least of your concerns. Those in sales/marketing of products receive new orders and make instant money. 
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