How is your day: 27th June

Last Modified Saturday, 27 June 2020 (11:01 IST)
Aries :
Expectations could be dashed today, and you feel let down, self-respect is about taking it in your stride and staying happy. Let your winning strategy be your perseverance today clients and customers take to it.
Taurus : Business partnerships do well, however a minor difference of opinion needs to be looked into before going ahead with any big expansion plan. 
Gemini : A happy event celebrated at home keeps you on your toes, you play perfect host and bond with loved ones and friends. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched, be realistic and manifest many a miracle!

Cancer : Work is new, not very smooth sailing and you are restless to now try something innovative, go right ahead. In your personal life.
Leo : Travel is sudden and you try to club it with a few social meetings and have a whole someday, all the best. If employed a promotion at work is long overdue.
Virgo Envy comes naturally to you today as you cannot help comparing yourself to others, focus on your achievements, stay happy.
Libra You can be right about most things, but keeping that little space open for listening to another’s suggestion will take you places today, try it.   
Scorpio : Work wise, you are on top of challenges, and create waves in your chosen field today, as you move towards your goals with a sense of calm. Support is abundant and clarity is present in plenty. 
Sagittarius : You feel upset about people taking you for granted at work, set that right! Put a firm foot down, and it will open up possibilities to communicate and explore new ideas. 
Capricorn : It’s vital that you share a great rapport with your teammates at work will make for success in projects. New friendships in your life are endearing.
Aquarius : New avenues to make money should be tapped into assertively, not aggressively, looking into long-term goals. There is a tendency of going back and forth and indecisiveness could play havoc with your plans.
Pisces : You tends to give more than you get and its time to get wise. You deserve it all. Students fare well in your examinations. Hope you understand that study means dedication. Wishing you 

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