How is your day: 28th June

Last Modified Sunday, 28 June 2020 (10:09 IST)
Aries :
Money delayed may need your attention, as the tendency to be taken for granted is huge, be firm, with a touch of aggression if required, play by ear. Being lead and leading others are two different scenarios.
Taurus : Making amends requires you to be vocal, humble and happy with yourself today, forge ahead with peace and conviction. At work you are determined to show others your abilities. 
Gemini : Following a feeling becomes valid when you don't attach desiring appreciation for it, be your own judge today. If married, the temptation to flirt is high, you may have many an opportunity.

Cancer : There will be shortcuts you are allowed to take at work, but you stick to the old long familiar path, your choice enamors others. Stay happy! Love wise you seem a wee bit dissatisfied, and if you need a change.

Leo : If married, in-law issues and misunderstandings are unnecessary. Start your day with goodwill and happiness. Feeling Trapped in your own fears is your state of mind, seek the help you require. 
Virgo Consolidating your position at work/business gets easier and you are happier that progress comes in today. Issues with a parent grow and are present for you to resolve and learn from them. Move ahead.
Libra Projects on hand take off and may need more funds for competition today. Give it your best. Health improves for most, but those suffering from asthma/breathing difficulties need to go easy on their schedule.
Scorpio : Pushing a sensitive situation to its lists has its pros and cons. Focus on the pros and be joyful. You become stronger and certain of yourself. Do things from choice, not desperation today. Love life is happy this evening.
Sagittarius : Your new position at work will be looked up at by some and envied by some. Maintain a low profile. In love Its time to take stock of what and where your relationship is heading and redefine it if possible Focus on strategy.
Capricorn : You owe it to yourself to be in unity with all that you believe in. A delayed start at work, only because you want to make sure all minute details are looked into and no eventualities arise.  
Aquarius : Too many issues to handle at home may not allow you to take up new work. Postpone! Be true to yourself. Life gets easier in acceptance. All you need to know is that the universe knows what's best for you. 
Pisces : Action-oriented plans gain momentum and you are finally happy for a breakthrough that you have been waiting for. Those interested in selling property get offers and may have to clinch a deal this evening.
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