How is your day: 28th November

Last Modified Thursday, 28 November 2019 (11:17 IST)
Aries: Your instincts can see through and through. Tolerant and patient, you await what you truly desire, also being open to nothing, for you that is life, your motto being you lose some, you win some.

Independent and strong you take leaps into the unknown at work, success is slow, however you are determined to prove to yourself that you can get optimum results in a current project.
Gemini:  Peace at last? Create it, spread it, you are responsible for creating your own environment and getting the most of it., government and tax related matters need looking into and executing.

Cancer:  Order comes from a clean and clear mind. Make sure your thoughts are happy and you wish all well, keeping resentments and envy out. Your personal life will rise and shine, at work a late evening is indicated.
Leo:  Unpredictable and uneasy comes from being unsure where your heading, drop control and know that all that you seek is within you, and a stones throw away. Start with an honest intention.
Virgo: High-level meetings and negotiations are incomplete without professional help you need. Feel free to ask, as results will determine your growth. A topsy turvy love life could be unpleasant and exacting in their own way.
Libra: Challenges will strengthen you in every way. However expecting too much out of yourself is unrealistic. Many new offers come to you, choose and pick wisely. Close pals and a fun outing indicated this evening.
Scorpio: Charity begins at home, what you are with loved ones will reflect when you deal with other sat work. Health needs attention. Finances improve for some as pending payments materialize.
Sagittarius: Responsibilities increase and, you plan to communicate your issues with others at work, all the best! If single, many a marriage proposal come your way, taking a risk works wonders, keep the faith.
Capricorn: Today is all about being accommodating and accepting in every area of your life, taking a step towards steady progress is indicated.
Aquarius: There is much under the surface you need to uncover before you reach any plausible conclusion on any matter bothering you. Love life remains a mystery.
Pisces:- Outspoken in your ways, you tend to be over assertive and misunderstood today. Infuse space and give others the time to understand you better. Work wise you strike gold.
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