How is your day: 29th June

Last Modified Monday, 29 June 2020 (10:59 IST)
Aries :
A wage hike makes you happy and yet you wish it you could be of more service at work, communicating your desires will prove a big step in the right direction. 
Taurus : Your workload increases and you decide to cut down on what you think is not important focusing on quality over quantity. The generously you gives your best in time, in money to loved ones today.
Gemini : In the midst of deadline chaos work wise chaos, you realize your need for an attitude change, a calmer you is a productive you, knowing it will prove beneficial as you move steadily towards achieving your targets. 

Cancer : Money starts coming in slowly and steadily, as pending payments begin materializing those in love, need to be more generous in spirit and forgiving, not allowing for ego issues to come between harmonies. 
Leo : Success is yours for the taking today. Whatever you touch turns to gold. Be charitable. A mind-body-soul connection at work will give you the kind of pleasure that you look for. All the best!
Virgo Misunderstandings with others are sometimes a way for you to try and understand yourself, and make the necessary changes from the inside out. 
Libra Money owed to you is delayed, a good day for you to get assertive and put a firm foot down. In your personal life Being less judgmental about people opens up innovative options.
Scorpio : Adjusting to a new work environment has its own teething problems. Discrepancies at work are no coincidences and you look closer and resolve them today. Luck is on your side go for it.
Sagittarius : Work can get complicated if you involve yourself into petty politics. Focus on deadlines. You may need more than one opinion today when it comes to a big decision that involves big money. Success is yours.
Capricorn : You find your focus when and where you least expect today, overjoyed you get to the big task ahead. Reward yourself, you have been working hard, a change of residence for some keeps you busy as paperwork.
Aquarius : Job hunting or enhancing is a reality that gets tough as a ray of hope plays hide n seek with you today. Just leaving it and filling yourself with faith, surrender and gay abandon will bring the best options in front of you.
Pisces : Rigid and right in your views and ways comes naturally to you as you pride yourself in being naturally gifted. But do not underestimate others who may indulge in foul play and manipulations to beat you down.

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