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How is your day: 31st March

Last Modified Friday, 31 March 2017 (10:58 IST)
Aries: Work picks up today and a hectic time indicated. Make sure you commit to only what you can complete easily. If single a new and dynamic friendship leads to a promising and happy romance this evening.

Taurus: Business folk are now ready to take a few chances, and some calculated risks. Funds required come in easily and lady luck is in your favor. Forge ahead with confidence. Love life remains in the background. 

Gemini: Certain experiences are important to go through to love and understand yourself better. Try not to short change yourself and be more accepting. A feeling of isolation at this juncture is important for your growth.

Cancer:Time to break away from the past, both professionally as well as in your personal life, and enjoy the choice and process of new beginnings. Those in love plan a holiday to an exotic location to catch up on togetherness.

Leo: Money inflow improves for most, and paying back loans and clearing liabilities is indicated. Relieved you move on to new promising, time consuming projects. Health is good.

Virgo: Fun and frolic is your day, make the most of relatives and friends around you, nurturing your every whim and fancy. Creative people receive new offers. Those in love plan a future together. All the best!

Libra: Work is hectic and you delegate responsibilities, however you need to be personally present for certain meetings and clinching new deals. A happy event celebrated at home keeps you on your toes this evening. 

Scorpio: Property matters get resolved in your favor, and money that comes in is something you invest well. Domestic life improves and past sensitive issues are resolved diplomatically and peace reigns. 

Sagittarius: Work gets monotonous, and you desire excitement at this point. If employed, speak with your seniors and improve and work on job profile and communicate your dreams and go after them.

Capricorn: You resign yourself to viewing the bigger picture and hoping for the best with all your perseverance and patience. Business partners need to share a good rapport and be more open with each other. 

Aquarius:  You yearn for a personal life as you feel a cut off from everyone. Drowning yourself at work is a choice. Learn to balance and enjoy a quality life. When quick rich schemes are offered to you.

Pices: Deadlines at work not being met, and to top it all a topsy-turvy love life are issues you need to handle as you feel your energies scattered. Make sure you choose to be more assertive than aggressive and get your point across. 
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