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How is your day: 5th April

Last Modified Wednesday, 5 April 2017 (10:57 IST)
Aries: Work gets better as money, success, personal power, and love channels open up and give to you unconditionally. You now give let go for movement and momentum in love life. Have some more patience.

Taurus: If employed, you now try and do different things looking at your other interests/hobbies. Money making being most important, a good change in attitude will draw success.

Gemini: A close relative/associate going through financial troubles comes to you for counsel/aid and you do your best. Work life remains top priority as you make the most of your talents. 

Cancer:You fight for your freedom from anyone or anything that binds you today. With your head held high and your tears not seen as some transitions can be painful however necessary for your personal growth. 

Leo: Health and recurring ailments require a second medical opinion. Do what it takes. Those in love plan an interesting evening together.

Virgo: Your domestic life starts settling down in new routine making you satisfied, as your concerted efforts seem to be working in the right direction. Overtime means a late night. Take it easy!

Libra: Take one step at a time, weighing pros and cons and being calculative, practical and above all sensible where your career is concerned. You will now be required to take that giant leap into an unknown yet promising zone.

Scorpio: All work and no play can make you feel dull. The question is whether the work you are involved in is something that is your true calling. Get real fast. Many outside influence as well inside help can be sought. 

Sagittarius: You are inspired and yet impatient today as you push all your grit and determination in a current project that is challenging and needs more than a push at times.

Capricorn: If single, a good day to mingle. Announce your intentions and give love a chance. Happiness ahead. Business partners decide to add more people to the existing team. An excellent idea. It proves itself.

Aquarius:  All you want is control and power. Ready to do what it takes to rule the world. Be careful of negative thoughts. Man proposes. God disposes. Try you best. 

Pices: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Stay confident. If you feel belittled by the smallest of issues. Just the way you view things. Be broad-minded. Criticism is constructive. Go ahead and get it right. 
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