How is your day: 6th January

Last Modified Monday, 6 January 2020 (11:23 IST)
Aries:  The new alliance will prove favorable and good time to reap some benefit. The enemies will be defeated.
Taurus:  As the day progresses, prosperity rises. You attain peace inside and outside the house. Be Polite.  
Gemini:  The fear of financial loss grips you the entire day.  The health of your mother is a concern. Financial gain is on the cards.

Cancer:  Old scars may trouble you so one needs to be patient. The disease and worries grips you for the whole day.
Leo:  Quite less chance to earn some monetary benefit. The enemies will trouble you a lot and patience is the only key.
Virgo:  A long term approach is the best for the day. You register victory over your foes and also gets monetary benefit.
Libra: You gain prosperity and self respect and peace in your life. The opponents are no satisfied.
Scorpio: A financial loss is on the cards. Old scars will trouble you and patience is required.
Sagittarius:  Arrival of guests increases the expense. However the journey and health goes well. You may get some hurdles in the work.
Capricorn:  You will receive benefit from the person of the opposite gender.  Health is good and work will fetch you some benefit. 
Aquarius:  The worries start vanishing and you earn a decent amount of bucks.  A meeting with friends will bring smile on your face.
Pisces:- One needs to remain away from altercation as the day is not good. Anxiety, sadness and expenses increases.
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