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How is your day: 7th November

Aries: Stress builds up and its tough to cope as you tend to take up more than you can handle, be prudent and practical. Expenses are high and inevitable. Plan a wise budget. If single, love is around the corner.
Taurus: There is much under the surface you need to uncover before you reach any plausible conclusion on any matter bothering you. Play it by ear, and stay high on integrity for positive results.
Gemini:  Work wise you ride on big breakthroughs and new opportunities knocking on your door, strike the iron whilst its hot, yet weighing pros and cons carefully, financially, a huge leap, enjoy spending power.

Cancer:  If employed, additional responsibilities are here to stay, take it as a platform to showcase your talents and be grateful for your lot.
Leo:  Creatively inclined folk are in the limelight for recent achievements today , and promise themselves much more as far as quality is concerned.
Virgo: Health and wealth are two areas you tend to take too easy today, family members are more than concerned and likely to put their foot down restricting your activities.
Libra: Independent business people plan new partnerships and are all geared to clinch new deals and prestigious contracts. You celebrate a happy event with your spouse and children tonight-domestic bliss is in plenty.
Scorpio: Happy with your lot and yet hoping to expand operations is on your mind today, plan meticulously keeping risk factors in mind.
Sagittarius: All that glitters is not gold, however its a good time to attract good people and work proposals to you provided you are less envious or competitive.
Capricorn: Work is challenging and you in a wiser, calmer frame of mind today, hence achieving your targets on time. A tendency to be taken for granted should be curbed by you.
Aquarius: Your career improves as your seniors and associates begin to value your opinion and contribution, although things on the surface seem fine do not allow for over dependence that will lead to many an unreasonable argument.
Pisces:  A delayed start at work, you want to make sure all minute details are looking into. Situations can get complicated if you involve yourself into petty politics. Focus on deadlines.
Widgets Magazine
Widgets Magazine