Weekly Astrology: 23rd November to 29th November

Last Modified Monday, 23 November 2020 (11:02 IST)
You gain prosperity and self respect and peace in your life. The opponents are no satisfied.

Taurus: You are pumped up to complete the task given to you. The prosperity knocks your door despite hurdles from the opposition.

Gemini: You reap a decent benefit despite facing opposition. One needs to be patient and trust wisdom.

Cancer: A pre-planned journey will fetch you the desired result.The coordination in the family is better and you are on a shopping spree.

Leo: You need to leave laziness and pace up the work to earn a surplus gain. The foes may pose trouble for you.

Virgo: The money will find more ways to settle in your account. The body will become lethargic. The opponents are in a passive mode.

Libra:  The arrival of guests increases the expense. However, the journey and health go well. You may get some hurdles in the work.

ScorpioAvoid a situation of self-goal. An unwanted fear will haunt you all day long. Expenses and worries are set to be raised.

Sagittarius: Health gets hit by the disease and you remain gripped by worries. Avoid altercation and trolls.  A journey is on the cards and one needs to be cautious.

Capricorn: You are on the track of progress which earns you benefit in the long run. Despite defeating opponents, you are gripped by an unknown fear.

Aquarius: You taste success and register victory over your enemies. Wisdom completes your uncompleted work. A stomach ache may make your health worse. Some can get clothes as gifts.

Pisces: You take a lot of pain to achieve your goals. Despite being worried you earn friends and demolish enemies. An altercation with a female is on the cards.
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