A social activist in Goa has lodged a complaint against Bollywood actor Farhan Akhkar

Last Modified Friday, 3 January 2020 (14:20 IST)
Panaji: A social activist in has lodged a complaint against actor Farhan Akhkar for allegedly posting a false map of India excluding Kashmir inviting people to protest against Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 on social media platform Twitter.
In his complaint to Cyper Crime Department of Goa Police, Savio Rodrigues, who is also Editor-in-Chief of news portal Goa Chronicle.com, has alleged that the actor had invited people to come and gather on December 19, 2019, at August Kranti Maidan, Mumbai, to protest against Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 through Twitter.
” While inviting people for this protest he used a poster with a wrong map of India. It is important to mention here that the map used by him is mostly used by Kashmiri separatists who do not consider Kashmir a part of India. Expectedly, Twitter reacted to this Tweet and he was forced to render an apology for using the wrong map. But, despite apologizing for the same on his twitter handle on dated December 18th, 2019, he still did not remove the wrong map,” Mr Rodrigues has said in the complaint and demanded action and FIR against the actor, pointing out that incorrect depiction of international boundaries of India was a cognizable offence.
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