ADHM vs Shivaay: Three reasons why Devgn faces an uphill task this Diwali

Avichal Sharma Last Modified Friday, 28 October 2016 (17:01 IST)
Since Uri attack a debate on the MNS ultimatum was hot cake for the news channels and papers. The boycott  of by the political outfits and twitteratis may have given the edge, but after the controversy doused, it seems like may have a tough time this Diwali. It is to be noted that KJO’s multi starrer and Ajay devgn’s Shivaay is locking horns at the box office this Diwali.

The first reason being the release of created hype for a month as Pakistani actor was one of the co-star. Initially KJO had his heart in mouth, but he gathered much support after his video released in which he pledged not to work with any Pakistani actor hereafter.
Secondly, In Shivaay the only prominent actor is Ajay Devgn and the opposite heroines are almost newbie. Where as in ADHM there is a beeline of big stars involving Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, and Fawad Khan. So It can be Ajay vs All contest at the Box office.
The trailer of Shivaay created a huge buzz after it was released in Indore. At that moment it appeared to be a one sided game and Devgn was in the driver’s seat. However, too much discussion over the ADHM controversy has snatched the air time of Shivaay. In promotional events and advance booking  too ADHM is far ahead of Shivaay.
Now all boils down to the acting, screenplay and direction of both the movies. While Shivaay is an action thriller ADHM is a soft romantic flick. Likewise, previous years, a tough battle will be seen at box-office.
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