ADHM vs Shivaay: Which one is ahead by how much at box-office?

Last Modified Thursday, 3 November 2016 (18:33 IST)
The vacations are over and the result is currently reflected in the collections of both the movies released in the last weekend. It is expected that both movies will cross 100 crore mark, but an interesting battle is underway. Gradually the collection of is surging and a dip in the collection of has been seen.

had a brisk start with a collection of 13.1 cr on the first and second day. On the third day collection was 9.2 cr , it jumped to 17.75 crore on the fourth day. On the fifth day collection was 13.03, it came down to 7.64 crore on the sixth day. The gross collection of ADHM is 74 crore.
While Shivay too started well and earned a collection of 10.24 crore. The second day collection was 10.06 crore. Third day collection was 8.26 crore. Fourth day the collection was 17.35 crore. The collection on the fifth day was 11.05 crore followed by 7.40 crore on sixth day. The gross collection of Shivaay is 64 crore.
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