From Pan-India, to Pan-World, Prabhas has stunned all with his blockbuster films!

Last Modified Friday, 17 July 2020 (20:29 IST)
Superstar is an actor who has always captivated the audience with his spectacular characters and his name does not only echo in India but echoes throughout the world! His on-screen performances have struck the audience with immense awe and his enormous ardent fandom is always in commendations of every step that the actor takes.
The superstar's film '2: The Conclusion' is still at the top of the charts of the highest-grossing film in India with a startling collection of ?1,810 crores worldwide and it is all due to Prabhas' striking role as the protagonist of the film. He has made a substantial mark in the Indian film industry and is one of the only South film industry actors to do so!
Prabhas also rocked the cinemas with a staggering performance in his film wherein he was the protagonist who uses an arsenal of weapons to fight the gang of heavily armed thugs in the city. With some of the most splendid performances, the actor has gained popularity not only Pan-India but Pan-world!
The actor's film being broadcasted on a Russian television network, having the prestige of being screened at Royal Albert Hall in London, having a game and comics to its name and other instances are just proof of the fact that the actor garners appreciation all over. Prabhas is one of the actors from the south who has gained fame and admiration throughout the world!
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