Karthik Aryan Charged 20 Crores for a 10 Day Shoot !

Last Modified Monday, 11 January 2021 (15:21 IST)
We’ve seen a lot of stars entering and making it big in Bollyoowd industry in recent years, and one of them is Karthik Aryan. He is quite popular among the youth and in high demands of directors and producers.
Karthik just finished shooting Ram Madhwani’s film “Dhamaka”. He did this film because it was different from what he has always done and his role was quite unique for his career until now. He wanted to get out of his ‘Lover Boy’ image and this could be a good chance for him to do that.
The actor finished his shoot within a short period of only 10 days and got paid 20 crores for the same. It’s a lot considering his stardom in the industry as of now. The films Karthik has acted in before have gone on for 40-50 days and he was still paid 5 crores but for this movie, he really chose to go big!
This film was shot in a hotel and the whole crew lived in the same hotel as well. There was a bio bubble that was created to restrict the movements in the times of the pandemic. The outdoor shoots happened close by the hotel itself.The movie is supposed to release in 2021.
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