Mmmmm (sound of pain) : Vijeesh Mani directorial tribal language movie enters Oscars in Best Film eligibility list

Last Modified Tuesday, 2 March 2021 (13:34 IST)
Kolkata:Academy of Motion Pictures and Science (Oscars) has announced the list of 366 movies eligible for this years’ Oscar race.
Vijeesh Mani’s (Sound of Pain) among them and this is the first movie made in Kurumba tribal language from India. The cinema now officially stands eligible to contend for Oscar nominations. Voting will start on March 5, and official nominations will be announced on March 15th, 2021.
The movie has set the hopes of India high for Oscar 2021. Other Indian films which got through to the next level are The White Tiger (Priyanka Chopra), Soorarai Potru (Suriya), and Bombay Rose.
I.M Vijayan in the lead, the movie narrates the tale of a tribal person hailing from the Kurumba tribe, who adopted honey collection as the traditional way of earning a living. The story unfolds the difficulties the central character has to go through when environmental changes occur due to irresponsible human activities, leading to scarcity of honey. It also portrays his fight against the challenges and how he eventually adapts to the changing environmental conditions.
“Mmmmm is a movie that also gives an in-depth insight into the climatic changes and environmental issues the world is going through," Vijayan said.The movie's story and direction are by Vijeesh Mani, whose Namo, shot in the Sanskrit language, and Netaji (Irula) was selected for "Indian Panorama."
IFFI Goa in the year 2019 and 2020, respectively. Vijeesh has received various acknowledgments like the Guinness record for the filming of Vishwaguru (Malayalam) for finishing the script in 51 hrs and releasing it in theatres. His movie Puzhayamma (Malayalam) was bestowed with Best Environmental Film 2018 at the Kerala State Film Critics Award. The movie also garnered its place in the Asia Book of Records for being entirely shot in a river.
The film is produced by the Hollywood director Dr. Sohan Roy, who is known for his Oscar selected Hollywood directorial venture Dam 999".
Grammy award-winning American musician Edon Molla and renowned Indian folk singer, Nanjamma has written lyrics and sung for the movie. Jubair Muhammad is the Music Director, Prakash Vadikkal has written the screenplay, National award winner B. Lenin is the Film editor, R.
Mohan is the Cinematographer, the Background score is by Srikanth Deva, and the Movie project is being managed by known actor Viaan Mangalasherry.First half of this year will be witnessing the release of the movie.(UNI)
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