Raahul Jatin, Singer and Musician talks about Nepotism in a Candid talk

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Raahul Jatin, the and had a tête-à-tête with Webdunia. In a candid talk, He spilled the beans on his journey, music in Bollywood and the trending issue "Nepotism".
  When did you decide that you had to become a musician?
 Ans - I was always fond of music as a child and kept learning from my dad. I always felt that I was good at it, but was not too sure that I would take it up as a career. As I grew up and started attending college, like everybody else, I got to an age that I had to figure out what I wanted to take up as my career.

Singing always came naturally to me. It was something that I felt I could do well, without taking too much stress or pressure. Something that I always enjoyed doing. I also started showing interest towards composing music. Aankhon Ke Ishaare, my first single, which I composed, sang and featured in, got me into the mode of composing more. I began to feel that I could do it well and enjoyed the process.

Then came production, which I also learnt in school. However, producing your own composition was very satisfying. I could sit for hours together just working on my compositions, that’s when I realized that this is my calling. I sincerely feel that one should always try and choose a path in life that he or she can deliver and enjoy at the same time. Success or failure is something that’s not in anyone’s hands, one should enjoy the work and put in their hundred percent.
2.    How was the inspiration to make the song 'Yaadein aane Lagi'?
Ans - It is a romantic number which I feel would appeal to the youth. I actually intended to compose another upbeat number but with the current state of affairs, I feel getting to doing something celebratory is really difficult. There is a sense of melancholy all around. The world has slowed down and there is uncertainty.

I started with high octane notes, but I completely abandoned the idea and got naturally drifted to something more sombre and profound I believe. I got my parents to hear a scratch version of it, my father got really excited with the notes and decided to write the lyrics. and we promptly recorded it”. We recorded it in Mumbai during the lockdown. Then when I came to US during the later half of the pandemic, my producer Dr. Sandhu heard the song, and we decided to shoot it.
3.    When are you starting to give music and singing songs in Hindi films?
Ans -  Nothing planned as of now. I am focusing on being an independent artist for now. I would definitely love to sing for films and compose as well. If I get an opportunity, I will be more than happy to do it. Its become a pretty challenging business- but I know one thing- that I am here to stay. I will deliver good melodies and render soulfully.
4.    Your father has given melodious music in many films. Which of their songs do you like?
Ans - My dad’s body of work is humongous. Can’t really pick and choose a few. The other day I was listening to Mehndi Laga ke rakhna and bole chudiyan. I love the romantic ones, but I also enjoy the sort of Shaadiwala songs, where you can dance- I love to dance. Main Koi Aaisa Geet Gaon, Pehla Nasha, Tujeh Dekha Toh, Kuch Kuch Hota hai, Chand Sifarish….I can go on and on. Jatin Lalit have done some terrific work together, and given an opportunity, God willing I too will do one day.

Yaadein Aane Lagi is a romantic ballad, which I could say is a Jatin-Lalit inspiration. When I composed the song and sung the long notes, my dad was really impressed. He would not have written the song for me, had he not liked the composition. He is someone who can outright reject a composition if he does not like it. He told me I have grown as a composer, and coming from him was truly valuable for me.
5.    How will you face the word nepotism?
Ans - On a very honest note, nepotism is glamorized- why too larger than life. Had nepotism existed, by now I should have atleast sung 10-20 songs independently and film songs as well. This word is way too sensationalized- reality is not the same. I can say there is selective nepotism at times. But in all honestly nepotism has to be supported by sustainability. In the music business- kaun kitna pani main hai- immediately pata chal jata hai.

You cannot fool the audience. Only hard work and perseverance ultimately stays. Networking- relationships with film people- attending parties- remaining in the lime light- Stars who have done that- to some extent their children benefit- but ultimately your work speaks. My dad was not good at networking. He barely attended parties- which I feel you should though. So its his work that spoke for him.

For me, I am way too sure- seeing the kind of work I do- nobody can ever use the word Nepotism for me. I sing covers every week. I had someone close to me tell me- why do you sing covers- to that I said- what is the harm? I enjoy singing songs I like- it helps me to compose better. I don’t sing a cover because It’s a popular number- its because I enjoy singing it. Gives me work satisfaction, and my listeners too like it.
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