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Movie Review: Tapsee and Arsh impress in 'Running Shaadi'

Last Modified Friday, 17 February 2017 (11:49 IST)
Mumbai:  He is a master on dealing with unconventional themes be it the story of a sperm donor in 'Vicky donor', the tale of the patriarch talking about 'potty' and constipation in 'Piku' or 'Pink', that talked about the right of a modern partying woman to say 'NO'.is back with another unconventional film about a marriage bureau for runaway couples.

'Running Shaadi' is about the unique concept of helping people run away with the love of their life to get married.It is a story of a Bihari and a Sardarji geek creating a platform providing service to couples who want to spend their lives with their soul mates.It is an interesting concept that makes for an engaging story.However, the entertaining manner in which the makers have presented it makes the film a hilarious joy ride.

Twenty-three-year old Ram Bharose (Amit Sadh) works in a saree store.He is in love with the owner’s daughter, Nimmi (Taapsee Pannu).However, Nimmi, while having a liking for him , is embarrassed of acknowledging a relation with Bharose.The unrequited relationship with Nimmi results in Bharose losing interest in his work, leading him to quit his job.

On coming across a couple, who are being beaten up by their families for eloping, Bharose and his teenaged whiz-kid Sardar friend Sarabjeet Sidhaana AKA.‘Cyberjeet’ (Arsh bajwa) strike upon an ingenious idea of starting a website that helps young couples in Amritsar elope and get married.He and Cyberjeet turn this idea into reality and start helping couples get married via Running Shaadi.

The website becomes an instant hit with young, love-struck couples facing pressure from their parents and the site becomes a rage in small town Amritsar.While they are successful in getting many couples together, the underlying story of -the love story of bharose and Nimmi- lends itself to an unexpected twist.

After his bitter break-up with Nimmi, Bharose agrees to a proposal sent by his uncle from Patna.
In the meanwhile, Nimmi approaches him to help her elope with her boyfriend.The rest of the film is about whether the two lovers unite or really move on.It is also about what happens with the site.

The ingenious concept of a website helping people run away with the love of their lives to get married has been narrated in an interesting manner .For example the various illogicalities of the many couples looking for a runaway marriages with the love of their lives lends itself to several interesting twists and turns, all of which makes the film a hilarious joy ride.

What lends humour to the proceedings is the several complexities involved in making love lorn couples elope.Also, the delineation of the characters is perfect, especially those of Ram Bharose and Nimmi and lends an element of realism to the film.For example , the character of the ambitious Nimmi for whom realising her ambitions take a greater priority than her love life is a reflection of modern day youth.

The director Amit Roy keeps the audience entertained with the right mixture of humour and emotions.As Ram Bharose, the matric-fail migrant dealing with an largely unrequited relationship , gives a restrained performance.As one faced with an ambitious girlfriend who places greater importance to her ambitions than love, he is quite subtle in his emotions.

At the same time, he comes across as cute and endearing as one who comes up with sharp ideas for helping runaway couples despite his educational background.After playing the 'spunky' Meenal in 'Pink', Tapsee entertains with the 'loud mouthed' Punjabi girl who wants to enjoy life to the fullest and one who puts her ambitious above love.

Watching her as Amritsar's 'Patakha Queen' is a delight.It is another brilliant performance from her after 'Pink'.The surprise of the film is as sarabjeet Sidhana ('Cyberjeet').
As a street-smart computer geek who long with his friend Bharose, creates one of its kind portal, he makes a lasting impression.His character, who idolises Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs, provides lot of comic relief in the film.

The music of the film is quite ordinary with none of the songs making an impression.
'Running shaadi' is a hilarious joy ride with realistic emotions which keeps the viewer thoroughly entertained Rating:3/5; one for the script, one for direction and one for performances by Tapsee and Arsh Bajwa. (UNI)
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