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Side effect of the clash: No one touched the 100 cr mark on day 5

Last Modified Monday, 30 January 2017 (12:06 IST)
Mumbai: The much touted clash of Bollywood between and has finally shown its side effect on the collection. Neither Sharukh starrer Raees nor Hrithik’s Kaabil has touched 100 crore mark even on the fifth day of release. However Raees is much closer to 100 crore mark than Kaabil and it is expected that movie will touch triple figure mark on Monday. While If Kaabil maintains the same pace it is expected to surpass 100 crore collection on Tuesday or in a worse situation on Wednesday.

The collection of movie Raees on Sunday was 17. 80 crore and that of Kaabil was 15 crore. The day wise collection of both the movies are as follows:
Raees :
Day 1: 20.42 crore
Day 2: 26.30 crore
Day 3:  13.11 crore
Day 4 : 15.61 crore
Day 5:  17.80 crore
Gross (till date) :    93.24 crore
Kaabil :
Day 1: 10:43 crore
Day 2: 18:67 crore
Day 3:  9.77 crore
Day 4 : 13.54 crore
Day 5:  15  crore
Gross (till date):  67.41 crore
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