At least 25 dead after bus plunges into ravine Indonesia

Last Modified Tuesday, 24 December 2019 (12:53 IST)
Thirteen people have also been injured, according to local police. The occurred shortly before midnight local time in South Sumatra province.At least 25 people died in late on Monday night after a bus plunged into a river, according to police.
A further 13 were injured on the intercity bus from Bengkulu province to Palembang, the capital of neighboring South Sumatra province.
The bus careered into a 150-meter (500-foot) just before midnight (1600 GMT), local police spokesman Dolly Gumara told news agency AFP Tuesday.
"It crashed into the concrete road barrier before plunging into the ravine. Some people are still trapped inside the bus," Gumara said.
Berty Kowas, the head of the rescue team, told Metro TV: "Currently the evacuation is ongoing and some divers are searching (for victims) around the bus."
The vehicle was approaching a steep bend in Perahu Dipo village of Pagaralam district when it plummeted into the ravine before settling in a river.
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