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Ayurveda And Green Vegetables

Marut Mitra
As per Ayurveda, in tropical weather like most part of India has, eating leafy in daily meal is not preferable.


1) Vegetables demand high Agnibal or of digestive fire.
2) It disturbs Pranmay Kosha and accelerates movements.
3) Derangement of Vayu means early aging. Weak bones, weak eyes and gray hairs.

Those who are prescribing more and more leafy vegetables have somehow their base in western science originated in cold regions of the Earth. For them, Apan Vayu acceleration and high Agnibal is required for proper and stool passing.

In Bharat, if you do not have luxury to eat vegetables, it is perfectly fine! Our main food is : Dal, Roti, Rice, peas, beans, lentils.

And if you really want to eat vegetables, follow following suggestions:

1) Use fresh vegetables for digestion process.
2) Use only ripen vegetables. Not so old and not so infant.
3) Wash vegetables 2-3 times. Use salted water to clean.
4) Do not refrigerate vegetables. Use fresh. Zero tolerance.
5) Cut vegetables only during cooking. Do not use pre-cut vegetables. Do not keep cut vegetables for more than 1 hr.
6) Do not over-fry, over-cook. Half-baked is fine.
7) Always use multiple vegetables together to balance each other’s dosha
8) User all kitchen masala as per need in cooking.
10) Boiled is better than fried. Even soup or juice is better.

(From : prachodayat.in)
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