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The right way to wash your hair

Author Dr. Rachita Narsaria
There’s a reason why your looks so perfect after a trip to the hair spa. done the right way can do wonders for your hair. Do it wrong and your silky strands can look lackluster in just a few washes. Shampooing and washing your hair isn't as simple as the instructions written at the back of the bottle. So here are a few steps to lather up your scalp the perfect way.

Begin with a rinse

Your hair care must begin with rinsing. The hot water will open up the cuticles that will help release any dirt stuck in your scalp. Another bonus is that the cuticles will help absorb the oils from the hair conditioner.

If you have long hair, use conditioner first

Unusual but right. Prevent your fragile hair tips from breaking by applying a hair conditioner on the hair ends. It will add shine and make your hair smooth.

Lather the scalp

The best technique is to start from the roots to the ends. It is because the hair that is closer to the scalp is the youngest and oiliest and at the end is the most fragile and dry. A little tip: Do not use more shampoo than needed.

Be very gentle

Use vertical strokes and not circular ones to prevent your hair from getting entangled that could lead to further damage. Your hair is delicate and needs the extra care you can give.

Conditioning your hair
Before you apply any hair conditioner, squeeze out the water from your hair and keep it for some time. The longer you keep your conditioner, the better it is absorbed. Do not apply any conditioner on the scalp as it will destroy the oils present there.

 Finish it off with a cold rinse
Cold water will help close the cuticles that will give your hair the most shine.

Keep in mind:

Use a shampoo and conditioner that is suited for your hair type.

Wash using a mild shampoo daily if you have oily hair. Normal or dry hair can be washed 2-3 times in a week.

Don't over-wash your hair.

 Do not use a brush on wet hair

 Use a towel to dry your hair

 Do not wring your hair. Give your tresses the love they deserve.

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( Author is a consulting physician and prolific healthcare writer )

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