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An auspicious Simhasana-Gauri yoga blesses Raksha Bandhan festival this year

Shri Ramanuja Last Updated: Monday, 22 August 2016 (13:10 IST)
The festival of is falling on August 18 this year. A very auspicious and with no effective makes it an even perfect day. Such pious coincidence is presenting itself after 3 years, which means people will not need to look into this year. The or the auspicious Muhurt will last all day long. Bhadra Kaal will end before sunset which means people can celebrate the festival even during morning hours. After noon and evening too there are Shubh Muhurt for Rakhi.
The Muhurt :
06 to 7.30 AM : Shubh
10.30 to 12 AM : Char
12 to 01.30 PM : Labh
01.30 to 03 PM : Amrit
04.30 to 06 PM : Shubh
06 to 07.30 PM : Amrit
What is Bhadra
In and other religious scriptures, Bhadra is depicted as daughter of and sister of Shani Deva. Like her brother Shani, she too has a temper. To appease her temper, Brahma Devta gave her a prominent place in the Kala Ganana. Bhadra's time lasts from 7 to 13.20 hours. During this period tying Rakhi and is not considered auspicious. Similarly Vivah, Mundan, etc. rituals are not performed as long as Bhadra is effective.
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