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Simplest way to worship Shiva on Maha Shivratri

Last Modified Friday, 24 February 2017 (16:32 IST)
Shiv bhakts leave nothing behind on to please the most enigmatic and powerful God of Hindu mythology. But the method of worship is believed to be so abstruse that it cannot be executed at Home. However, is supposed to be a down to earth God and he can be pleased with simple procedure of worship, even at home, if only people have access to the method of worship. Here is the simplest method of worshipping lord Shiva, to be performed at home.

How to perform Vaidik Shiv Poojan

Rinse your hands after sitting on a clean mat. As per the ritual put on the “janeu”. Systematically put the commodities required to worship at the right place.

How to perform Swasti path?

Chant this Swatsti Mantra :

“Swasti na Indro vruddhshavaha, swasti na poosha vishwaveda, swasti na starakshyo, arishtnemi swasti no brihaspati durdhatu”

After the poojan, devotee should invoke lord Ganesha and Gauri mata Parvati.

If you are planning to perform a special ritual like Rudraabhishek, Maharudra, Laghurudra etc., then worship Navgrah Kalash, Shodash Matrka. Begin the ritual by worshipping Lord Ganesha and Parvati followed by Nandishwar, Veerbhadra, Kartikay. The Nag Devta should also be worshipped.

Take belpatra and rice and invoke Lord Shiva in meditation. After meditation, give a bath to lord Shiva from curd, honey and sugar and Ghee called Panchamrat Snan.

Now offer clothes and Janeu to lord shiva followed by belpatra, flowers, and itra.

The devotee should offer various types of fruits to lord Shiva. Thereafter lit up the Agarbatti and Dhoop. Rinse the hands and offer naivaidya with nariyal, paan. Now the devotee should sing Aarti (Jai Shiv Omkara)

Now devotee should chant the Kshama Mantra as follows :

Aahvanam na janami, na Janami tavarchnam, poojashchaiva na janami kshamyata parmeshwara”

Lord Shiva will be pleased with this simple procedure of worship done with faith and pure heart. And for this you don’t even need to go anywhere else.
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