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Pakistan election may end like Karnataka, Imran may miss the throne!

Last Updated: Monday, 30 July 2018 (11:55 IST)
Islamabad: Looks like a Grand alliance may spoli the party for like it did in Karnataka for Yeddurappa few months ago. Coming years for Crickter-turned politician Imran Khan's party Pakistan might not be 'easy'  as Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and have agreed to join hands to play the role of 'strong' opposition.
The development took place in the meeting held between the leaders of PML-N and PPP on Sunday, a Dawn report said on Monday.Imran Khan's party PTI has emerged as the single largest party in the July 25 General Assembly polls. The PTI has bagged 115 general seats ? 22 short of simple majority ? whereas the PML-N and PPP have won 64 and 43 seats, respectively.
The meeting between PML-N and PPP on Sunday, was their first direct meeting after the July 25 general elections. "It was an ice-breaker," said PML-N's Mushahid Hussain Sayed.Howver the PML-N leader said that there was complete unanimity of views between the two parties that the "July 25 elections have been stolen".
He said both sides were of the view that they should "completely reject" the election results and should adopt "a coordinated joint opposition strategy" to give a tough time to the Imran Khan-led PTI government while staying inside Parliament.
Both the PPP and PML-N leaders said that so far they had not discussed any strategy for the upcoming elections for key parliamentary offices of the speaker and deputy speaker, adding that such minute modalities would be discussed at a later stage.The sources said that a joint meeting of the leaders of the three parties was also expected to be held on Monday.
Last time it was after the 2002 elections when the PPP and PML-N had forged an anti-government alliance ? Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy (ARD) ? under Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan. The MMA was another opposition alliance in parliament at that time.
The members of the ARD and MMA had given a tough time to the military government of Gen Pervez Musharraf who had picked Zafarullah Jamali as the Prime Minister. Over 100 members of the two alliances kept parliament non-functional for a record almost one year through noisy protest against the Legal Framework Order of the military regime, forcing the government to hold talks with the opposition.
The 2018 Parliament will be a reflection of the 200 when the government had to face a tough opposition in the form of the ARD and MMA. political analysts believes.(UNI)
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