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This Robot can identify, locate and destroy bombs and mines

Last Modified Tuesday, 9 October 2018 (12:20 IST)
Jerusalem: Israel's defence manufacturing company (IAI) has developed an autonomous system that can identify, locate and destroy (IEDs) and mines.
The system integrates a combination of multiple sensors which detects IEDs hidden in a 'complex areas', that could be helpful in saving soldiers' life,reports The Post.
IAI's general manager Meir Shabtai said "The completion of the development of the autonomous detection system... and its delivery to operational trails is another significant quantum leap in the field of unmanned vehicles".
"The system provides a full end-to-end, effective, threatened-routes clearing solution, operations which have been done heretofore by troops, with significant danger to their lives," he added.
The robotic system enables faster, more efficient execution of missions without risk to human life. It combines a number of different detection devices capable of finding explosives on and under surfaces, and the engineering capabilities for neutralizing them. The system can be operated in any terrain and has a precision system that generates a real image of the area for its operator.
The system is part of the SAHAR IED detection family, which includes a number of robotic platforms that can locate hidden or buried explosives before clearing them. Each system includes the robotic platform, a control system and detection payloads. It will be installed on a robotic platform.
IAI begun testing of its Counter Improvised Explosive Device and Mine Suite (CIMS) mobile system last year.The CIMS can be operated day or night and in any weather conditions and environment. A large, rectangular multi-sensor system is placed directly in front of armored vehicles, allowing it to search and destroy IEDs. 
According to IAI, CIMS has a 270-degree visual radius. When an IED or mine is identified, the system alerts soldiers with warning sounds and indicators displayed on a screen. The system also includes a firing position from where troops can shoot at the explosive device to destroy it without having to leave the safety of their vehicle.(UNI)
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