Political Entitlement

Last Updated: Friday, 4 October 2019 (13:56 IST)

- Inderesh Kumar Jain

1. It is with a great deal of trepidation and consternation that one attempts to look to the of the day on the idiot box; newspapers somehow tend to take a back seat as one is bombarded by the strident and patently discordant sounds
emanating therefrom.
2 As I have remarked earlier, the ‘new normal’ is upon us and with a vengeance. It was heart rending and extremely painful to hear sad commentary of the ‘accident’ in UP, on the road near Gurubakshganj in Rae Bareli, in which there were two deaths and two occupants of the car are battling for their lives. I am obviously referring to the infamous Unnao case.
3. I am not going to narrate the turn of events leading up to this horrific ‘accident’ of 29 Jul 19, but shall refer to them from time to time. The obvious sense of entitlement and the impunity which permeates a section of the political class is a cancer which requires immediate excoriation and ‘cancerectomy’, if I may be permitted to coin a term.

If an elected representative can presume to take advantage of the helplessness and the need of a young lady, who is seeking intervention in finding a livelihood, this is beneath contempt.
4. The police were apparently forced to take cognizance and register an FIR after the father of the victim was beaten up the by the brother of the accused and his cronies and after having been falsely charged with illegal possession of arms was taken into police custody. Due to the severe trauma sustained earlier and during the incarceration he died in Apr 19. When the lady tried to immolate herself in front of Yogi Adityanath’s residence it was then that the police’s hand was forced. 
5. Sengar’s henchmen have been constantly threatening the family without remorse. The accident obviously smacks of collusion and a conspiracy to eliminate all evidence and the witness(es.) It has now emerged that the family had written to the CJI but the letter was not brought to the notice of the Chief Justice. It makes one wonder that whatever could have gone wrong has indeed gone wrong; fact stranger than fiction" The Chief Justice seems extremely miffed that the letter was not put up to him; I wonder what action will he initiate against the erring, now that the accused has shot himself in the foot having staged/ attempted to orchestrate this accident and the matter blowing up in his face. The police have now initiated an FIR against Sengar for murder after the family filed a complaint of conspiracy. Why is it that the system only starts waking up after they realize that it may not be politically viable after all and they will seem to have acted in the interest of justice? Reprehensible state of affairs.
6. The crux of the entire quagmire revolves around the propensity of political parties to grab power by any means whatever. In their unseemly haste towards the podium, criminal elements become a part of the bandwagon. The hierarchy make gleeful use of the wages of ‘sin’ to bolster its ‘numbers ‘ and somewhere along the way forgets the vision and the basic philosophy of its founding fathers and loses its way in the wilderness of expediency and veniality.
7. The entitlement of dispensing favours and political patronage that these elements bestow upon themselves will require immediate surgery. It therefore, devolves upon us as citizens to start the ball rolling. The very least we can do is to put their activities under a magnifying glass and demand answers. One of the most important steps that we need to take is to start a campaign to empower ourselves with the ‘power of recall’. One does realize that once a person wins an election, he/ she considers himself as being ‘God’s own gift to mankind’ and not answerable to anyone at least up to the next term of the assembly. It will be important to make these elected representatives feel obliged to work and be accountable to retain his/ her position. 
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