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SP looks keen for an alliance to fight Gorakhpur bypoll

Last Updated: Monday, 11 September 2017 (12:40 IST)
Kushinagar: president Akhilesh Yadav has said that the byelections to the Gorakhpur Lok Sabha is going to be do or die battle for the party. He said the electoral battle at Gorakhpur will be an opportunity for the people to reprimand the ruling BJP for its failure to deliver on the promises it had made during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and later during the state assembly election earlier this year.

UP Chief Minister is an MP from Gorakhpur and after his election to state legislative council he will have to vacate the seat thus necessitating the by election. Mr Yadav trained his guns at the chief minister alleging that he has failed to deliver on all the fronts during his six months tenure in office. "None in the BJP vacated his/her assembly seat for facilitating the entry of the chief minister in the state assembly and the defector MLCs of the Samajwadi Party came to his rescue,’’ said Mr Yadav, adding, "Moreover, the BJP is so scared of facing the people that the chief minister could not muster the courage to contest the by election from any assembly seat’’. "Samajwadi Party will face acid test in by elections to Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seat. We are ready for alliance with other parties infact we will have to forge alliance with other parties for the coming elections.
The results of the Gorakhpur by elections will give a clear indications whether the people are with us or those who made false promises to capture power at Delhi and Lucknow,’’ said Mr Yadav while addressing a well attended `Kisan Shaheed rally’ at Ramkola here today. The rally was organized to mark the 25 years of the police firing on the sugarcane farmers at Ram kola in 1992 who were staging protest demonstration demanding the payment of the outstanding sugarcane dues by the sugar mill. Kalyan Singh of the BJP was then the chief minister of the state. "People of UP feel cheated by the BJP.

The saffron party which sought votes by creating religious divide by raising the issues of `Kabristan and shamshaan' and Diwali and Eid and they reaped rich political dividend. But what the people got in the bargain’’, asked Mr Yadav. Asserting that it's futile to expect that the BJP government will either accelerate the development process or do something for the welfare of the common people, the SP president said, "If you sow the dragons teeth, the harvest will be bitter.’’ ``I am clueless about the plans of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the UP chief minister for the development of UP.
I want to know what both the government at the Center and the state have done for reviving the fertilizer plant in Gorakhpur and what about the construction of the building of All India institute of medical sciences (AIIMS) at Gorakhpur,’’ said the SP president, adding, "Prime minister had laid the foundation of the fertilizer plant and AIIMS building and the land for that building was provided by the Samajwadi party government on top priority basis.’’ Alleging that the BJP used the cow as political tool to capture power and mislead the people, Mr Yadav said, "I request the chief minister to take care of thousands of the stray cows roaming on the roads and the highways across the state.’’ "BJP had promised to make roads in UP pothole free and instead of that they filled the city streets, roads and highways with cow dung.

The streets of state capital are flooded with the stray cows and cow dung as over 5,000 dry cows are roaming on the streets of Lucknow. Barring few VIP streets of Lucknow all are filled with the cow dung,’’ said the SP president. Asking the party leader to take up the matter with the district magistrates of their respective districts, the SP president said, "Do not organise any protest, meet the district magistrate and request him to make arrangements and provide shelter to the thousands of cows on the city streets surviving on the urban waste and garbage.’’ (UNI)
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