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Baba Ram Rahim followers turn violent! (Live)

Around 30 dead! 200 injured Curfew in 5 districts! 100 vehicles torched!

Last Updated: Friday, 25 August 2017 (22:56 IST)
As soon as the CBI special court pronounced its judgement, the millions of Baba turned violent. Around 30 people have died and over 200 people injured! And nobody could say that this was not coming!
Curfew is being inposed in five districts! More than 100 vehicles are torched! 224 incidents of violence are already reported! Among these Ramaganj and Sangroor are noted where petrol pumps and electic plants are set on fire! 

2 railway stations of Punjab were immedieately ransacked and torched by the enraged "premis" and "insans" of the Dera Sachcha Sauda! One news channel's van was set on fire. And this is just the beginning!
An Operation Crackdown was set in motion in Panchkoola and tear gas was needed to be used in Zirakpur. The whole area is being monitored by militry helicopters.
Brace yourself for things to get worse!
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