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BJP district presidents may not get ticket, but exceptions possible

Last Modified Tuesday, 9 October 2018 (11:22 IST)
Jaipur: chief Amit Shah is understandably keeping his fingers crossed and thus keeping every one guessing on what will be the broad criteria for selection of candidates for December 7 which appears to be quite a tough going for the saffron party.
However, according to sources, he has indicated that the district will be generally kept out of electoral contests as these leaders will have to put in their contribution to organise electioneering.
In view of these indications, it is now anybody's guess that a number of district unit presidents ? those keen or likely to contest the polls - will have to resign.''This is nothing unusual. We have successfully tried and tested this formula in and it brought us dividends in 2017,'' a party source said here.
However, the source also clarified that there is no hard and fast rule and in UP also ? about 18 such candidates were given tickets who were holding organisational responsibilities in the districts and sub regional levels.
''Various issues are being examined for selection of candidates. Winnability is a must but we need to take care of caste equations too as displeasing some caste groups in some constituencies can actually boomerang and go against our interest in some neighbouring and adjoining constituencies too,'' the source said.
The party's poll managers have started interaction with various stakeholders and are trying to take closer look at the past precedents and elections outcome.
''So far taking a closer view, we got a broad hint that we need to be careful about the ambitions of some district presidents. If they do not get tickets, the harm could be more,'' the source said.
The BJP poll managers say increased numbers of candidates at the state level have always gone against the party interests. For instance, one source said, the presence of 2,578 candidates in 1998 and 3,181 nominees in 2008 had resulted in BJP's defeat.
''In contrast, in 2003, there was drop in number of total candidates across the state by about 15 per cent and thus the BJP recorded a convincing victory picking up at least 120 candidates,'' the source said.
Similarly, in 2013 also? as compared to 2008? total number of candidates dropped to 2,966 and this resulted in the saffron party winning as many as 163 seats.
''The Congress strength came down to 21; it was an all time low as even during 1977 post emergency, the Congress strength was 52,'' says Pradesh Congress general secretary Giriraj Garg.
BJP sources say so far a number of incumbent district presidents of BJP? including Jaisalmer (Jugal Kishore Vyas), Bikaner (Sahiram Dusad) and Sikar (Manoj Singhania) have also approached the party leadership for tickets. 
There are also other aspects. The party leadership is not sure yet whether the sitting legislators Narendra Nagaur (Khanpur in Jhalawar region) and Madan Rathore (Sumerpur in Pali region) should be fielded for the polls.
''Both these legislators are district unit presidents. And there are other claimants too. Things are being examined in totality,'' the source said.(UNI) 
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