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BJP response on trolls celebrating Lankesh murder exposes their fanatical agenda: Congress

Last Modified Friday, 8 September 2017 (17:39 IST)
New Delhi: Slamming the for its justification that why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is following people who celebrated the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, the today said the response of the ruling party has exposed the fanatical and dangerous agenda of the BJP and its government. 'BJP Social Media Head Amit Malviya's rabid and sinister response justifying PM Narendra Modi for following people celebrating the murder of has exposed the fanatical and dangerous agenda of the BJP Govt and the party,' a statement by head of the social media Divya Spandana said.

 'May we remind Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP that it is this very thought that led to assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by Godse with the distributing sweets and celebrating the murder of 'Father of the Nation'. And don't forget that it is for this very reason that Sardar Patel, India's first Home Minister, banned the RSS. Same culture of hate, abuse, division and murder is being propagated today,' she said. 'On behalf of all our countrymen, we assure the hate mongers that they failed yesterday and they will fail today. We will determinedly continue this fight despite PM Modi's conspiratorial silence,' Ms Spandana said.
After the Congress' criticism of the Prime Minister for following on Twitter the people celebrating the murder of Gauri Lankesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had yesterday said in a clarification that the controversy on the issue is mischievous and contorted. "The controversy over the Prime Minister following people on social networking platform Twitter is mischievous and contorted. He follows normal people and frequently interacts with them on various issues. He is a rare leader who truly believes in freedom of speech and has never blocked or unfollowed anyone on Twitter," a statement by BJP's Information and Technology national head Amit Malviya said. (UNI)
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