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Former CM Yeddyurappa terms Karnataka row as BJP's mistake

Last Modified Friday, 29 June 2018 (15:20 IST)
Bengaluru: Bharatiya Janata Party President B S Yeddyurappa, who is also the Opposition Leader in the Legislative  Assembly today regretted saying that his party failed to win.
the magic number of seats needed to form the government because of its own mistakes in the May 12 Assembly election."Though  there was Modi wave, we failed to en-cash and win atleast 135 seats.   However, which had 123 seats in the last Assembly has now been  reduced to 80 and 17 Ministers tasted defeat," he added.
In his opening remarks at the party's State Core Committee meeting,Mr  said that there were Legislators both from Congress and JDS  ready to join but because the Supreme Court gave only 24 hours time  to prove the majority the party failed.
After swearing in as  Chief Minister on May 17, Mr Yeddyuyrappa was asked to prove the  majority within 24 hours by the Apex Court acting on a petition filed by  Congress and alleging that Governor has failed to follow the  Constitution and has given 15 days time to prove the majority.
Stating  that even now there are Legislators from both the Congress and JDS  willing to join BJP, Mr Yeddyurppa said that to further strengthen the  party at Assembly level in preparation for the year Lok Sabha election  those who are willing can be admitted.  "Our leaders should not be under  the impression that if they join we will lose our importance or  position in the party.  Speak to them and convenience to join BJP," he  added.
Claiming that the coalition government may fall on its own  any time, Mr Yeddyurappa alleged that already rift over presentation of  Budget has already began and even if Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy  presents the Budget it will not have santity.
BJP National  Secretary Muralidhar, who is incharge of party affairs in Karnataka,  speaking on the occasion, said that "It is BJP which has emerged as the  biggest party after the Assembly election and other national party's  have failed in their attempt."
He said that BJP by winning 104  seats has not only emerged as largest party but has also proved that the  party has  already established its strength in the South.  "We need to  further strengthen the party to win maximum number of seats in the Lok  Sabha election," he added.(UNI)
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