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Fuel gets cheaper; petrol is at Rs 76.38, a cut of 14 p in Delhi

Last Modified Tuesday, 20 November 2018 (11:57 IST)
New Delhi: continued to decrease on sixth straight day on Tuesday.The oil marketing companies (OMCs) slashed the and rates across cities in the country.
Petrol is being sold at Rs 76.38  per litre while diesel is at Rs 71.27 per litre in the national capital . The petrol is selling for Rs 81.90 per litre and diesel for Rs 74.66 per litre in Mumbai.  In Chennai, petrol and diesel are available at Rs 79.31 per litre and Rs 75.31 per litre.
On Monday, the petrol was at Rs 76.52 per litre in Delhi down from Rs 76.71 from a day earlier. 
The diesel prices were at Rs 71.39 in the national capital, a cut of 17 paise from Sunday. While in Mumbai, the petrol was at Rs 82.04 per litre while diesel was at Rs 74.79.(UNI)
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