Kashmir situation is improving, says Army Chief

Last Modified Saturday, 21 October 2017 (16:19 IST)
Jammu: Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat on Saturday said that situation in the Kashmir valley is improving and the Army is performing its task. "Security situation in Kashmir Valley is improving and whatever is happening now in the valley is possibly highlighting the frustration of the terrorists and those supporting them," Gen Rawat here told reporters after Standard Presentation ceremony. He said that in Kashmir we are following the government approach and was a part of that. "When whole of the government is involved then every section of the machinery gets involved," said the and added that whatever the success NIA raids have achieved will emerge in the near future. On incidents, Gen Rawat said, "why you see it as challenge for the Army.

It is a routine matter and happened in other parts of the country also." "Police and administration are taking appropriate actions and media has a role to play in exposing the and other agencies misleading people on braid chopping incidents," said the General. On training camps across the Line of Control, he said, "the camps are very much intact and terrorists are active." "Surgical strike was one of the mediums to eliminate the terrorists. There are many other ways too and required actions are being taken," the Army Chief said. On Uri and Nagrota attacks probe, the General said, "appropriate action is being taken. Guilty is being punished and nobody is spared." On introducing 72 Infantry Div to prevent Dokhlam like situation in Ladakh region, he said, "72 Inf Div is a part of 17 Corps and its raising is going on as scheduled. It is being raised as force of deterrent." The Army Chief however, on radicalisation said that it is a worldwide phenomenon and being taken seriously.
On Pak Army Chief's recent statement that Pakistan wants good relations with India, the General said, "military has a task and we will continue to perform our task. Decision on any talks has to be decided politically." Meanwhile, on Operation Sadbhavana, Gen Rawat said, "winning hearts and minds is a part of any counter insurgency strategy. Success has been achieved under Op Sadbhavana. Many people are supporting the Army." "As far as terrorism is concerned, it has ups and downs. Some wayward, radicalised youths are joining but many are coming over ground and surrendering," he asserted. Earlier the General showered all praise on 47 Armoured Regiment on Standard Presentation ceremony and patted them for their valour and courage they showed in every field. (UNI)