'ASMI', India’s 1st indigenous 9 mm Machine Pistol has a firing range of 100m

Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 January 2021 (21:44 IST)
India’s first
indigenous 9 mm Machine Pistol “ASMI” has been developed by Lt Col Prasad Bansod from Infantry School, with assistance from  ARDE, Pune in a record time of four months. The fires the in-service 9 mm ammunition. The machine pistol can fire at a range of 100 metres and is in the class of the Uzi series guns of Israel.

“ASMI" sports an upper receiver made from Aircraft grade Aluminium and lower receiver from Carbon Fibre, manufactured by 3D printing process including trigger components  made by metal 3D printing. It features a 8 inch barrel and 33 rounds high capacity magazine with an overall empty weight of under 2 Kgs . Upper receiver has full length integral Picatinny rail at 12 and 6 O’ clock direction for fitment of all modern scopes/optics & accessories and M-Lok slots on 3 and 9 O’ Clock direction.

The weapon has a huge potential in the Armed forces as personal weapon for hy weapon detachments, commanders, Tank and Aircraft crews, Drivers/ Dispatch Riders, Radio/Radar operators , CQB ,CI/ CT Ops ,VIP protection duties and policing. is likely to  find huge employability within the Organisations and services as well as huge potential for exports  with likely production cost of under 50,000/- per weapon.  The weapon is aptly named “ASMI” meaning “Pride”, “Self Respect" & hard work.