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Baba Ramdev thinks Legislation is only way left for Ram Mandir construction

Last Modified Friday, 16 November 2018 (15:31 IST)
Varanasi: has claimed that the people of the country are depressed over the delay in court verdict on issue and now legislation by the Centre is the only solution left to solve the issue.
"No political party will have the courage to oppose the legislation on Ram temple and hence the government should start process for it immediately," he said. Ramdev said that  Lord Ram was the ancestor of both Hindu and Muslims of the country and hence every community in the country will support the Ram temple at Ayodhya.
Baba Ramdev, who was here in the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's constituency on Friday  in connection with a programme,  told reporters that now much delay has been made to sort out the issue of Ram temple through mutual agreement.
"Every citizen of the country wants Ram temple and as Parliament is the supreme temple of the democracy hence it has the power to make a legislation for it," he said while defending the VHP sponsored  Dharam Sabha in and two other places on November 25.
 "The delay by the court in giving its decision on the Ayodhya has forced the people to come out and hold such dharm sabhas so that their demand for a legislation is heard by the government," he added.
Lauding the effort of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Yoga Guru, said ,"  Mr Modi is the biggest Ram bhakt and Rashtra Bhakt of the country and no other PM could match his postion."
When asked about the effort of Sri Sri Ravishanker to solve the Ram temple issue through mutual discussion, he said," the time for such discussion has expired and now legislation is the only way left for construction of the Ram temple."
To a query about the security threat raised the Muslim planitiff in the Ayodhya case Iqbal Ansari during the  coming VHP sponsored Dharam Sabha in Ayodhya, the Yoga Guru said," There is no such security of Muslims in the country. But it is sure that if much delay is made in the construction of the Ram Temple, then communal harmony would be at stake."(UNI)
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