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Live! Heaviest rain in Mumbai since 2005!

Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 August 2017 (18:43 IST)
Mumbai: The in that threw normal life out of gear in the country's financial capital during the last 24 hours, are the heaviest since 2005. India Meteorological Department scientists here said that in 2005 94 cm was recorded within 24 hours and this time, tough that amount of precipitation may not be surpassed but this will be the heaviest rainy spell for the city. They said that heavier rainfall is forecast for tomorrow, while the today Kolaba station of has recorded 15 cm rainfall and Santa Cruise has recorded 9 cm.

The IMD scientists, however, said that such a spell could not be linked to climate change and as they are not abnormal in the monsoon season. They said that the rain was occurring due to the low pressure area over south-west Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, three teams of (NDRF) stationed in Mumbai have been put on alert and two additional teams have been moved from headquaters. If the rains continue Mumbai could be in for another horror of flooding, traffic jams and long hours on the roads.

The train services were paralyzed with many stranded at stations. Poor visibility hit flights. Thousands waded through water to reach home and children were sent home early from school. Images shared on social media showed cars crawling in a sea of brown water and residents struggling to cross roads fearing potholes and uncovered drains. (UNI)
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