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Microsoft to invest $5 bn in IoT over next 4 years globally

Last Modified Thursday, 5 April 2018 (11:55 IST)
New Delhi: has announced that the will invest US$5 billion in the (IoT) globally over the next four years. 
"This increased will support continued research and innovation in and what is ultimately evolving to be the new intelligent edge," a company release said. 
With Microsoft's IoT platform spanning cloud, operating system and devices, Microsoft is simplifying the IoT journey so any customer-regardless of size, technical expertise, budget, industry or other factors-can create trusted, connected solutions that improve business and customer experiences, as well as the daily lives of people all over the world.
This will support Microsoft's technology platform, as well as supporting programs thereby enabling continued research and development in key areas, including securing IoT, creating development tools and intelligent services for IoT and the edge, and investments to grow our partner ecosystem. Customers and partners can expect new products and services, offerings, resources and programs. 
The investment will ensure that the company continues to meet all its customers' and partners' needs, both, now and in the future as they develop new and increasingly sophisticated IoT solutions. 
IoT is gathering momentum in India, and impacting daily lives: saving electricity, resources, predictive healthcare, automobile safety and more. Microsoft Azure is the preferred platform powering a variety of IoT devices. (UNI) 
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