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Muslim cleric says, No National Anthem in Madarasas on 15 August!

Last Updated: Monday, 14 August 2017 (23:25 IST)
Bareilly: Muslim clerics in have asked the fellow Muslims to defy the orders of the Yogi Adityanath regarding mandatory singing of the and videography of the Independence Day functions at all the in the state.

Several clerics have appealed to community members to "mark the day as patriotic, but refrain from singing the National Anthem or record videos as they are against Islam". city 'qazi' Asjad R Khan, has asked Barelvi Madarasas to celebrate Independence Day but not sing National Anthem.

"Tagore wrote the National Anthem in praise of the then British King George V. According to Islam, our 'Adhinayak' is God and not George. We do not disrespect National Anthem but can't sing it due to our religious sentiments. Even Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh had raised objection to the National Anthem," the said while releasing a press statement over the issue. (UNI)
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