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NaMo's popularity boosted by 12 % post Air strike, RaGa's down by 8 pc

Last Modified Saturday, 9 March 2019 (13:41 IST)
Hyderabad:The decisive IAF Air strikes at Balakot  terror training camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) on February 26 has boosted Prime Minister Narendra  Modi's popularity surged to 62 per cent as per the National approval ratings debated on the National TV last night, Concerned Citizens' Forum (CCF), a group of patriotic Indian citizens, said.
In a statement here on Saturday, the Forum said that in post Air Strikes, Congress President  Rahul Gandhi's rating sinks to 8 per cent thanks to his  anti-national rants when the country is under attack.
Mr Gandhi  should have stood behind the government as contended by the panelists during the debate, instead of his (Rahul) rants against the brave Jawans, doubting the killing of Pakistani terrorists when the nation was under attack. What die it matter whether 200 or 300 terrorists were killed, it said.
The fact of the matter was that the air attacks were specific, decisive and hit the targets.The Congress President should have believed the Government and should not have abused Mr  Modi at such an existential crisis of terror attack by Pakistan.
This most despicable and condemnable anti-national narrative that resorted, as resonated by the debating participants, the Forum said.
There is a time and place for Mr Modi hate statements but not when the country is under attack by the enemy, the Forum pointed out.
Mr Gandhi's  pathological hatred statements against the Prime Minister, making headlines in Pakistan Media, became a turning point of steep increase in popularity rating of Mr Modi as a strong leader, the Forum claimed.
Defending the Country,  the Forum said, that such thoughtless anti-national statements when the country was under terror attacks have only strengthened the National feeling against such an impulsive and immature Mr Gandhi.
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