Naqvi brackets those misusing Islam as 'enemies of Islam, humanity'

Last Modified Wednesday, 27 September 2017 (07:34 IST)
New Delhi: on Tuesday said those evil elements who are misusing as their 'safety cover' are the enemies of both Islam and the entire humanity. Mr Naqvi, during a meeting with delegation led by Grand Mufti of the Syrian Republic, Dr Ahmad Badr Eddine Hassoun at Antyodaya Bhawan here, said India has been playing a major role in world-wide efforts against terrorism. India has adopted “zero tolerance” policy against terrorism.

Son of Dr Hassoun was shot dead by ISI terrorists. Mr Naqvi said, "Terrorist organisations like al-Qaeda and ISIS have been failed to succeed in India in their nefarious designs only because of strength of unity shown by every section of the society including Muslims." He said India’s culture and tradition is filled with peace, brotherhood and human values. Hajrat Imam Hussain gave a strong message against and atrocities at Karbala.
That message will remain relevant forever. Mr Naqvi said, "India is a country of different religions and languages. But our culture of unity in diversity has always kept the country unite due to brotherhood, tolerance, communal harmony and democratic values. This strength of India has defeated all evil forces who are trying to disturb peace and harmony." The entire world is unite against the menace of terrorism, the entire world has now realised that terrorism has not remained a problem for any particular country but it has become the biggest enemy of the entire humanity and human values. To defeat such elements, is the priority for the entire world, he added. “Development with Dignity” is the commitment of the Government, he said.
Dr Hassoun said India’s cultural harmony, brotherhood, unity and culture of tolerance is an example and a source of inspiration for the entire world. The Grand Mufti termed terrorism "the biggest threat to the entire world". He said India has always played a major role in global efforts against terrorism and added that Islam has given a strong message against terrorism and all other form of violence.

Islam has given message of human values, brotherhood and communal harmony. He also praised the ongoing development works carried out by the Narendra Modi government. India have created a special place for themselves across the world be it the field of science, technology and agriculture. (UNI)