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Nitish always ditched backwards and minorities : Lalu

Last Modified Wednesday, 2 August 2017 (16:25 IST)
Patna: Carrying out his consistent attack on Bihar Chief Minister post grand alliance, Lalu Prasad today accused Mr Kumar of always ditching backwards and minorities in persuit of his high ambition and power. Mr Prasad, who had called Mr Kumar a ‘palturam’ (turncoat) for re-joining hands with BJP to form NDA government in the state posted a statement in his personal Facebook account to take forward his blistering attack on him.

Mr Prasad said, "This palturam without caring for unity of Bahujans (majority) has once again sat in the lap of his masters (RSS and BJP) when we were trying to save the country and the Constitution of Baba Saheb by uniting minorities, Dalits and backwards in 2017. This man is the biggest enemy of Dalits and Backwards”.

The RJD chief said, " On the direction of RSS, this is the person (Nitish) who has divided the oppressed section of the society. The RSS openly opposes the majority (Dalits, backwards and minorities) and supports Manuvad but this person is more dangerous than RSS." (UNI)
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