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Nitish quits, what next now?

Last Modified Wednesday, 26 July 2017 (19:26 IST)
In an outrageous political developement, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar resigned on wednesday. But you can't say, you could not see it coming. Things were brewing for a long time down there in Patna.
Nitish said that he tried to maintain the decorum of alliance politics for a long time but now he has had enough.
He was clearly suggesting that there is no way in the world he can continue working with Laloo Yadav and his sons!
Only two years ago, people of Bihar had voted the grand alliance of JDU-RJD to the power at the expense of BJP. Laloo Yadav's party had won more seats than Nitish's, but the latter assumed power. Not the complete power though!
An astute politician, who has worked with many stalwarts in past, Nitish was never going to let the kids of Laloo Yadav dominate and manipulate him. Finally his patience gave way!
Some interesting fallouts will be seen in the aftermath of Nitish's resignation. Not to mention a complete overhaul in the opposition's politics for the 2019 general elections!
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