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Demonetisation has wiped out confidence in our economy: Rahul

Last Modified Wednesday, 8 November 2017 (12:31 IST)
New Delhi : Terming an 'arbitrary' and 'unilateral ' decision by the NDA government, Congress vice-president Gandhi said on Wednesday that in the past one year, 'it has wiped out in our once booming economy'.


'One year ago, Narendra Modi bypassed the Reserve Bank of India, locked his cabinet in a room and gave the country just four hours notice before announcing his arbitrary and unilateral demonetisation scheme. Overnight 86 per cent of the value of India’s currency was withdrawn from circulation.
The Prime Minister claimed his decision was aimed at wiping out corruption. Twelve months on, the only thing he has wiped out is confidence in our once booming economy,' Mr Gandhi said in an 
Op ed in the Financial times on the first anniversary of demonetisation. 
Describing the GST implemented by the government as 'hastily imposed' and 'poorly conceptualised' , Mr Gandhi said the 'complex' regime put in place by the government 
has devastated livelihoods, creating a modern day “Licence Raj” that imposes rigid controls and gives vast powers to government officials.
Mr Gandhi said the demonetisation decision had shattered the economy. (UNI)
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