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Tripura CM compares BJP with British rulers, calls for united protest

Last Modified Monday, 28 August 2017 (12:43 IST)
Agartala: Worried over the steady growth of BJP, Chief Minister of compared led government at the Centre with British imperialists who had adopted divide and rule policy to remain in power at the last stage before leaving India. Addressing a gathering here last evening, Mr Sarkar urged the people to unite against BJP for unity, integrity and of the country.

Mr Sarkar alleged the present rulers of the country have been trying to adopt the policy to destroy the peace and secular fabrics of the country. They are desperately trying to instigate the society against integrity of nations that need to be resisted by strengthening unity among religions, sects and communities. “When British acknowledged that it is difficult to rule India because of the united sentiment against them that had strengthened the freedom movement in the country, had adopted divide and rule policy and they succeeded to some extent. The present rulers are, also adopting the same strategy when they felt it is difficult to rule the country unless divide the people in the name of religion and community,” Mr Sarkar observed. The context of secularism of Indian Constitution has been flouted in practice every now and then and backward classes are being affected because of such sectarian rulers, he alleged, adding that there is a desperate attempt to destabilize India’s unity in diversity, against which Indians need to be united.
Without naming BJP, Mr Sarkar attributed that the party has been trying to convert the country into one religion’s land which will invite riot among various religions. The party is being made and vote is demanded in the name of religion, ignoring civic, political and basic economic rights of the people of the country. He further alleged those who had promised to bring 'acche din' before coming in power have been taking the country towards uncertainty and unrest. The present government has been slashing down outlay in different welfare schemes and added, “The situation is turning to disastrous with value of Rupee falling rapidly and sky-rocketing price rise. There is no hope for job opportunity even as altogether 1.34 crore job aspirants come up every year,” he added. (UNI)
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