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Trolls are unstoppable on NDTV sold out dilemma!

Last Updated: Friday, 22 September 2017 (15:09 IST)
New Delhi: As soon as the news of owned NDTV’s acquisition to Spice Jet owner surfaced on social media, were on a hyperactive mode. And why wouldn't they? Though the news is not confirmed yet, but who cares when you get a chance to troll! (Pic- Twitter)
The tweets on #came in such a frequency that it has become top trend since morning. 
As per the reports, The Chairman and Managing Director of Ajay Singh will have a controlling stake in NDTV of around 40% and promoters Pranab Roy and Radhika Roy will have 20% stake each. Though the news is not confirmed yet and also being termed as fake!
The trolls had a lot to mock on, and they were not going to miss the chance. 
Here are some of the tweets. 

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