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What ! RSS backed organization is protesting against Modi Govt's policies

Last Modified Wednesday, 15 November 2017 (11:27 IST)
New Delhi: Close on the heels of protests by opposition led trade unions, the affiliated trade union the (BMS) on Tuesday announced a massive rally and protest in New Delhi on November 17 citing Narendra government’s ‘anti-labour’ and ‘lack of human aspect’ in policy designs. 

In a press conference here, BMS general secretary demanded that the Union Government should stop curtailing rights of workers and proposed labour law reforms in the name of ease of doing business. 

“In the name of ease of doing business, the proposed move to amend and change provisions in the labour law to create difficulties in forming trade unions and participating in trade union activities cannot be allowed”, Mr Upadhyay said. We have asked the government to include 93 percent of the unorganised sector workers under the labour law, but the Government is trying to dilute existing law and ouster workers from the union through proposed amendments, he alleged. 

The opposition led 10 trade unions had held a three day protest, ‘Mahapadav’in New Delhi on November 9-11. Earlier the BMS and opposition trade unions had decided to together protest against the ‘anti-labour’ policies of the Union Government. The BMS, however withdrew allegedly following pressure from the Government.

The BMS will protect the workers’ interest irrespective of whether the UPA or the is in power, he said. Asked if BMS is protesting against its ‘own’ government, Mr Upadhyay said the BMS is protesting against the anti-worker policies undertaken by different governments. 

But in a sharply-worded criticism, he said the Union Government is exercising ‘excess liberalisation’ and it’s the reason that they are trying to dilute labour laws. He demanded that the Government immediately stop the disinvestment and privatisation of public sector companies. Whether it is aviation, telecom or transporting companies, the disinvestment is happening, he pointed out.

“It is national assets, it should be protected. The BMS is demanding to stop sell out of shares of public sector companies” Mr Upadhyay said. He alleged that all reforms by the Union government is in the interest of business, and have have no human approach. “All such reforms should be withdrawn", he demanded. He said the BMS will decide the future course of action based on the response from the government after the November 17 protest, which will be attended by around 3 lakh people. 

He said it will submit a 19 points demands to the Union government including the issues facing Anganwadi and other scheme workers, end all forms of contract labours, provide ESI to workers in the unorganised sector. The country needs a paradigm shift from the current policies which the Union Government is following, he said. (UNI)
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